Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16th, 2011

Fall River
This seductive spring creek is fishing awesome. Use PMD's, BWO's, yellow sallies & x-caddis for dry imitations. Mr. Peacocks, flame eggs, and micro mays for nymphs. Rust pine squirrels and slump busters for streamers.

Crooked River
Flowing at a consistent 310 cfs has the Crooked continuing to be a productive tailwater. Look for caddis and mayfly hatches throughout the day and in the evening, especially if there's some cloud cover. For nymphs use: anato may, tungsten surveyor, frenchies and amber princes. Trailing an emerger behind a nymph is a great way to go on this river.

Upper Deschutes River
Despite the summer "pressure" on the upper D., it's still fishing well. Streamers are still landing the big ones although nymphing the banks and log structure is productive as well.

East Lake
East is fishing excellent!  It's hard to beat casting callibaetis dry patterns to rising fish all day, so get up there and enjoy the bite. Wind drifting roxy rainbows &  AP emergers are hooking up all day as well. Stripping streamers in the shallows during low light can pay off big.

Crane Prarie Reservoir
With the reservoir being 66% full, more fish are cruising the channels & many lunkers are being hooked up. Use our blood rufus & leech rufus patterns. Use callibaetis sparkle emergers and hatch matcher dries, olive pine squirrel minnows & Thin Mints.

Diamond Lake
Fishing okay, but should pick up in the next couple of weeks...