Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th, 2011

Crooked River:
The flows have been a consistent 315 cfs. and the fishing has been awesome. Plenty of beautiful mid-sized trout and a few large ones are being caught & released. Nymphing is still the most productive way to fish the Crooked, although caddis and mayfly emergers are slaying 'em. The hatches have been a bit sporadic with the blues skies overhead, but look for PMD's and caddis in the shady areas and early/late.

Fall River:
This charming spring creek continues to be super! Lots of large trout are scattered throughout; target them under the logs and in the deep pools.

Upper Deschutes:
Although there's a multitude of young brookies in the Upper D. that will bite the end of your line, there are some real big ones being hooked under the banks, and hiding under logs. A few cranebows are lurking in the river and have been caught on white pine squirrel streamers, and rust slump busters. The mo's are out, so bring your deet.

Hosmer Lake: 
Fishing is good for Atlantic salmon and brook trout. Use Q's film critic, roxy rainbows and Bob's sparkle emergers for callibaetis.  Stripping our white and yellow rufus streamers is very productive.

Crane Prairie
Reports are still slow for late July, but with the consistent warm weather and sunny days we've had lately, more fish should be cruising (and hooked) in the channels. Blood and leech rufus continue to be our favorite flies to fish on Crane. Stripping S.Twin specials and minnow buggers are a smart choice. Chironomids are working as well.

East Lake:
Fishing great! Wind drift or slow retrieve callibaetis emergers & cast dries when the hatch is on. Stripping Thin Mints and pine squirrels in the mornings and evenings can be good.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14th

Upper Deschutes
The fishing is stellar!! PMD emergers, olive pine squirrels, Mr. Peacocks and para adams have all been productive this week chasing trout on the Upper D.. Target larger trout under the banks & in the channels.

Fall River
Plenty of brutes are hanging, toss a Lady Di out over log structure and get ready to set the hook. PMD's and caddis hatches are predominant. Slump busters and minnow buggers are killer streamers to strip. The fishing continues to be awesome on the Fall.

Crooked River
Still flowing @ 305 cfs, and the fishing has been hot!  The fish are spread out, although the largest trout have been landed near Big Bend. Hatches have been sporadic, but emerging caddis and mayfly patterns are hooking up all day long. Anato mays and tungsten surveyors have been productive nymph patterns.

Crane Prarie
With a the cooler weather, the fish are still spread out in the res. and not congregating as much in the channels. Blood rufus and brown rufus patterns are still our favorite fly to fish, but S.Twins and damsel buggers are great 2nd choices. Chironomids are working as well...

East Lake
 Callibaetis dries have been slaying trout when it's on, but when they're not happening try Roxy rainbows and/or Loweburgs. Royal wulff's are great to use when ants are blown into the water.

Diamond Lake
Fishing is great...use rufus patterns, S.Twin specials, Roxy rainbows, and callibaetis.