Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30th, 2011

Crooked River:
The temps. have been perfect out on the Crooked, the flow has been a steady 305 cfs this week, and the fishing continues to improve. Cobble Rock and Palisades areas have been productive. Light hatches of caddis and mayflies are present. Try anato mays, caddis emergers, exploding baetis and black beauties.

Upper Deschutes:
Fishing has been good on the Upper D. and continues to improve as we get into summer. Try amber princes, possie buggers, rust pine squirrels, copper john's, PMD's & x-caddis.

Fall River:
The fishing has been productive on the meandering Fall. Mosquitoes are getting heavy, so bring your bug dope. Try Lady Di's, PMD's, royal caddis for dries; Mr. Peacocks, anato mays, tungsten teasers for subsurface, & minnow buggers, slump busters, and olive pine squirrels for streamers.

East Lake:
This is a great time to fish East; try Roxy rainbows, black humpys, buttonators, and S.Twin specials. Target the big ones in the mornings and evenings...

Crane Prarie: 
With the warmer weather, more fish are being found in the channels. Our leech and blood rufus patterns are must haves in your box.  S.Twins are working early and late the day & callibaetis emergers have been productive as well. Get out there.

Davis Lake:
Target bass and trout in the top water in the mornings and evenings, and focus on the channels and weeds during the day. Use wiggle bugs, sex dungeons, bunny leeches and clousers.

Diamond Lake:
Fishing good.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21st, 2011

Crooked River: Finally the flows are back down to an average level (250-300cfs) and the river is fishable again(hopefully to stay)!! While most fish are hooked subsurface on nymphs (sow bugs, scuds, and migdes); caddis and PMD dries can be very productive when they're hatching.

Fall River: This beautiful spring creek is fishing well. There hasn't been too much pressure on the Fall as of late, but you need to still need to quietly and patiently stalk the trout here. Keep moving until you  find the fish & rest the holes frequently. Look for PMD' s and some green drakes to hatch in the afternoon.

Upper Deschutes: There's plenty of fast moving water throughout the Upper D. and much of the structure has been remodeled. Lots of small brookies and rainbows to be hooked, some big ones, but they're spread out and many are still in the lakes. Try minnow bugger streamers, Xmas prince nymphs, Mr. Peacocks, possie buggers, PMD's.

Crane Prarie: Fishing is picking up at Crane and plenty of 5-7lb. bows are being landed. Leech and damsel imitations have been working well and our rufus patterns have been our hot fly. With the weather getting warmer, the channels will become more productive. Be patient and pay your dues...

Lava Lakes: Reports have been stellar on both lava lakes. Try callibaetis emergers, black humpy's and damsel buggers.

Hosmer: Fishing for atlantic salmon & big brookies has been awesome! Try white rufus, callibaetis and damsel patterns.

East: Fishing reports have been good up at East. Plenty of fish being hooked on leech patterns and callibaetis. Stripping chub patterns is productive as well.

Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd, 2011

Fall River:
The enchanting Fall is now completely open to fly anglers willing and able to spend the time and stealth needed to learn her secrets. Downstream of the falls, there are some large trout that haven't seen many flies or people in the last 8 months. Above the falls, the hatchery or campgrounds are good choices to see (and hopefully land) some big ones. Make your presentations count, work the structure and enjoy this lovely spring creek. 

Upper Deschutes: 
 This early in the season is a perfect time to fish the Upper D. and trick some of the most beautiful brookies in the world into biting your fly. Nymphs and streamers will be the most productive until the weather gets better....soon come.  Come check out some of our newest patterns that will be ripping lips on the Upper D. this season such as: our newly dressed Mr. Peacock,  the Ice CDC Posse Bugger, Egan's Iron Lotus...

Crooked River: 
The Crooked has dropped from 1350cfs to 1000cfs this week and continues to flow at that level...which is too high for this usually, very productive central Oregon tailwater. With the all of the other choices to wet a fly at...the prudent decision would be to wait until the flows continue to drop and then stabilize. Hopefully, soon....

Crane Prarie Res: 
The fishing is picking up on Crane as the weather improves and more fish move back into the lake, but it's still early in the season. Chironomids can be productive, as well as damselflies. Our rufus patterns are deadly, come into the shop and pick up some new patterns for your next outing. 

South Twin Lake:
Plenty of fish are being caught at this scenic, family friendly lake. A good choice when the wind is blowing at other still waters. 

East Lake/Paulina Lake: 
The road is open and both lakes are fishing. Still plenty of snow and ice though, the parking can be tricky.

Davis Lake: 
Early and late are the best times to fish for bass and trout. Still early in the season, but as the weather will the fishing. Our new Wiggle Bugs will be a must this season at Davis

Hosmer Lake: 
The road is still closed with snow. 

Diamond Lake: 
Anglers are fishing the north end of Diamond, but the southern part of this amazing fishery is still a mess.     Check back for more info in the near future...