Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th, 2010

Fall River:
Fall is the best time to fish the Fall...and the fishing has been awesome on this "fly fishing only" spring creek. Lady Di's, TB eggs, pine squirrel minnows, mahagoney mayflies and renegades.

Crooked River:
The flow coming out of Bowman Dam has dropped this week to 155 cfs. Autumn is a perfect time to rip lips on the gorgeous river canyon of the Crooked. Zebra midges, black beauties, black tailwater nymphs are hooking up subsurface....X-caddis, irresistables, mahagoney mayflies are working when the hatch is on.

Upper Deschutes:
Closed from from Lava Lake to Gull Point. Large browns and bows are being landed.
Amber prince nymphs, Mr. Peacocks, anato mays, caddis pupae, pick pockets, slump busters.

South Twin: 
With the kids back in school and summer over, this a ideal time to bring a kick boat/float tube to the larger of the "Twins". There's plenty of healthy trout to catch (& release) and virtually no crowds on this beautiful Cascade lake. Try minnow buggers, buttonators and of course, the South Twin Special!

Most lakes close Oct. 31st....year round lakes are open only until the snow falls and the roads close.
Take advantage of the end of the season while you can.

Happy fishing!