Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JUNE 23 2010

Fall River 
The Fall is fishing well; lots of big rainbows and healthy browns are being landed. Dries, nymphs, emergers, and streamers are all catching fish. Our new rust pine squirrel streamer is hot!

Upper Deschutes
With the warmer weather, the fishing continues to improve. Big brooks and browns are moving out of the lakes and can be found in deep pools and under banks and deadfall. PMD's, green drakes, and midges are all hatching.  Try hunchback green drake nymphs, sparkle PMD's, possie hare's ear, and pine squirrels.

Crooked River
After a week of consistent flows @ 250 cfs, the Crooked is fishing well. Today the flow coming out of Bowman Dam  decreased to 225 cfs.  Caddis and mayflies are hatching. Try Anato May's, Frenchies, exploding baetis, rainbow warriors, PMD emergers.

Lava Lakes
The angling on both Lava Lake & Little Lava has been good and becoming great. Try chironomids, Scott's damsel, and lake rufus patterns.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fall River
There are plenty of big rainbows and a few big browns about, but as usual, you'll need to find them to catch them.  Try hunchback PMD's,  Lady Di's, slump busters, & rainbow warriors.

Upper Deschutes
Fishing keeps picking up on the Upper D.! Look for PMD's and some green drakes.
Try possie hare's ear,  exploding baetis, Lady Di's, copper john's & Mr. Peacocks.

Crooked River
The last week has seen a drastic decrease in the flow of the Crooked. Prineville Res. is 100% full. As of today it is running at 300 cfs.  It may take a day or 2 of consistent flows to equal consistent fishing, but...
Try Anato May's, Frenchies, exploding baetis, sow bugs, dirty birds.

Happy fishing!